Auping Mattresses and Bed Bases

Superior Dutch quality and craftsmanship

In 1888 Johannes Auping, a Deventer blacksmith, was commissioned to design a well-ventilated bed for the local hospital. Working in his smithy, Auping designed and built the first mesh-based bed.


This was the beginning of a success story and in 1988, exactly 100 years after that very first bed, Auping’s company was awarded the royal title “Koninklijk”. Today, Auping is the largest independent bed manufacturer in the Netherlands.


Our story

 "We are convinced that sleeping well contributes to a healthy and energetic life. We willingly enter into a lasting relationship with our surroundings, the environment, and the individual. With passion and curiosity we are working on the ultimate sleeping comfort of tomorrow."


  • Passionate
  • Transparent
  • Innovative
  • Improving every day
  • Meaningful



We turn on average 30 times per night in our sleep. And we lose about 350 cc of perspiration. For optimal sleeping comfort it is very important that a bed supports your body and is well ventilated.

With an Auping bed you will start the day well rested and full of energy, and this will most likely continue for the rest of your life. Auping offers sleeping comfort at the highest level and combines years of expertise with the newest developments, that enable the beds to give optimal support and provide excellent ventilation.


Durability according to Auping

We are aware of the increasing scarcity of energy, minerals and resources and its impact on the environment. Auping enters into a lasting relationship with the surroundings, the environment, and the individual.


We strive to have all company processes, products and services sustainable in which we base our policy on three pillars:


  • Circular company management
  • Energy saving and renewal
  • Human orientated


Design of Auping

The mood in your bedroom has a great influence on a good night's sleep. 


Auping has been excelling in design for years. The results are both contemporary, and timeless with high-quality design on which you can combine and vary endlessly. Auping not only strives for personal and aesthetic sleeping comfort but also for lasting quality. With Auping, lasting quality, design and innovation go hand in hand.


2015 - New innovative production and office location

Thanks to a fundamental review of the production processes and and the new production and sewing facility, Auping has gained tremendously in the fields of durability, flexibility and short delivery times for bespoke products. As an innovative, trend-setting Dutch company, Auping is ready for the future. A future in which everything will revolve around the highest sleeping comfort in order to offer an energetic lifestyle to every customer. 


On the 3rd and 4th of June the new centralized location in Deventer, Holland, was shown to all (inter)national partners. With a grand tour through the fabric and office the manufacturer gave an insight in the new durable location. Boris Arcidiacono and his daughter Gabriella were two of the many visitors.


Mr. Arcidiacono: “It was educational to see how Auping combines durability with comfort. An eye for the environment doesn’t cancel out a good night’s sleep. The both can go hand in hand, that’s proven!” 


From left to right: Mr. Fredrik-Jan Bos (Export Manager Auping), Ms. Gabriella Arcidiacono, Mr. Boris Arcidiacono, Mr. Aart Roos (CEO Auping)  Gaby and Boris Archidiacono
Auping Original
Auping Original
Nothing feels like Auping
Nothing feels like Auping
No bed ventilates better
No bed ventilates better
Auping Essential bedframe
Auping Essential bedframe
Criade - the Auping among the box springs
Criade - the Auping among the box springs