An adjustable bed - Why?


When it comes to buying a new bed or mattress, I would think that about 90% of us at least would automatically think of a flat divan, or base, with most of the thought process going into what kind of mattress we should be investing in. I know when I started discussing posting about motorised beds last week, I was immediately corrected for assuming that only people of a certain age tend to buy them.  To many of us, beds with remote controls that raise your legs or your back can conjure up images of hospital beds. But thankfully, I have learnt now that this is far from the reality of how widely used these motorised beds actually are.

Tappintomalta partner Boris Arcidiacono is sole distributor locally of the Auping  Motorised beds. They are available in many sizes, with 2, 3, 4 and even 5 motors.  These motors allow the bed to be adjusted at various points, resulting in any number of health benefits.


Neck adjustment:  The bed can be raised to support the neck even when sleeping sideways. This eliminates that bad habit that I definitely have of tucking my hand under the pillow when I feel I don’t have any neck support. This substantially reduces stiff necks and pressure on the shoulders.

Back adjustment:  Raising the back while sleeping can significantly help those people who suffer with sinus problems, hay fever and acid reflux. The improved breathing it promotes has even been known to reduce snoring.

Knee adjustment: The knee adjustment helps support the lumbar region, releasing pressure on the nervous system. It is ideal for sciatic pain and for those suffering from herniated discs.

Foot adjustment:  Adjusting the height of your feet while you sleep can lead to better circulation of the blood. It reduces water retention and is Ideal for people with varicose veins, heart problems and thrombosis. After a long day at our desks or on our feet, it also offers relief from heavy, tired feet. 


Auping motorized electric adjustable beds


Finding your own personal settings can aid an effortless nights’ sleep where you feel just like floating on water. Even if you don’t suffer from any of these ailments or conditions, simply watching TV or reading in bed are so much more comfortable when you don’t have to prop yourself up on pillows that constantly need re-adjusting. There is even the possibility to add a massage device as an accessory for the ultimate in decadent relaxation time.

Auping beds are manufactured in Holland and are renowned for being the most ventilated bed bases. The mesh base, frame structure and legs are built from very heavy duty metal.  The combination of an Auping bed and a Tempur mattress has been hailed as one of the ultimate sleeping combinations.


Auping mesh bed bases motorized electric adjustable


The Auping Royal M5, with 5 motors, is considered to be the Rolls Royce of the Auping motorised beds range. The 5thmotor is specifically designed to support the lumbar region. This model also comes with a reverse action to move the user back, closer to the bedside tables when the back is raised.

Notwithstanding their stability, the heavy duty motors are among the most silent available on the market today.

Boris Arcidiacono carries most of the models in stock. 


Auping Original bed