An adjustable bed - Why?

When it comes to buying a new bed or mattress, I would think that about 90% of us at least would automatically think of a flat divan, or base, with most of the thought process going into what kind of mattress we should be investing in. I know when I started discussing posting about motorised beds last week, I was immediately corrected for assuming that only people of a certain age tend to buy them. To many of us, beds with remote controls that raise your legs or your back can conjure up images of hospital beds. But thankfully, I have learnt now that this is far from the reality of how widely used these motorised beds actually are.


6 tips to choosing your perfect quilt

I recently dragged my quilt out of hibernation. Although it’s not really woolly jumper time yet, the nights have become fresher and I’m ready to start cosying up in bed.

I bought my quilt 8 years ago and at the time just went for the first one I found since I was moving in on a freezing cold February day. I have recently discovered, however, that I could have put a lot more thought into my choice. So I asked bedding “guru” Gabriella Arcidiacono to give me a few tips about what to consider when the time comes to purchase my next one.